Date: 2017-01-01

G-locs Bangladesh Ltd. is formed in January of 2017 and will replace the work of Lok Mei Yunusco (LMY). The original company, Lok Mei Yunusco is closed in December 2016 and finished its transitional job to G-Locs Bangladesh Ltd.

The company G-locs Bangladesh Ltd. is formed by Lok Mei, Turkish partner and Bangladesh partners. We hope the new structure can bring new opportunity and improvement to our Bangladesh customers.

Mr. Sarowar, the original General Manager of LMY before its closure and will continue to work in G-locs. He is a very experience manager in trims and accessories industry. He will lead a new teammates and bring in new management style to the new company.  Absorpting the experience and opinons from our old company, we believe that the new teammates and new company can improve our service and work closed to brands and garment factories.

To our new company, we hope to hear your important opinion. We appreciated a lot for your further support to our new teammates.