The management of Lok Mei believes that employees are the most important organization assets, and everyone here has very high sense of belonging. We recognize our work and value. In the past 12 years, only 2 office employees have left due to reason of family needs, and the turnover rate of production employees is zero. Lok Mei’s success in human resources stems from the following reasons:

Keep compensation and benefits current.

-      LOK MEI is paying employees a fair going wage for their work (or better) and offer them a competitive salary and benefits. Salary is much higher than statutory minimum wage. The salary keeps with employee’s development, personal needs and actual rising worth.


Recognize and reward employees.

- LOK MEI bosses appreciate employees’ contribution. For example, always, the wife of boss always cooks for employees. The top managers always buy good foods/ nice desserts to employees.


Flexible working hours

Due to family needs or personal habits, LOK MEI accepts workers to work at flexible times.


Pay attention to engagement.

Before launching any policies or management decisions, LOK MEI boss always get opinion and recognition from all employees.


Prioritize employee happiness.

LOK MEI has a very high employee morale. In LOK MEI office, laughing is Laughter is the most commonly heard sound. This represents a very high job satisfaction. Absence rate in LOK MEI is almost zero. This cause very high productivity.