Despite the persistent challenges under the pandemic in 2021, the business has continued to soar thanks to incredible levels of supports and contribution of every Lok Mei member, supplier and customer. Compared with 2020, the sales amount of 2021 has increased over 50.35%. It proves again that Lok Mei has won widely support and trust from large number of customers.

Since 2020, suffering from covid-19, many brands have stepped up the transformation from physical stores to online sales. Many new brands have increased the budgets on package. In traditional mold, clothing brands spends a lot of budget on decoration of the shops and rental cost. Now, they spend more costs to enhance their package and barcode system to support the new warehouse management. Lok Mei has improved our system to support more variable data automatically and cheaper. 

Meanwhile, as recent years, more new small brands join in the market, to attract more customers and meet different group of customer, the traditional big brands have to create more styles. On other side, Lok Mei needs to provide a faster production but smaller quantity. This requires a very high productivity and low scrap in the production.  For example, the traditional woven label factory needs 5-7days to develop and 7-10 days to produce some woven patch, therefore, small order represents high cost and impossible to traditional factory. However, Lok Mei Hong Kong woven factory can complete qualified samples within a few hours at the earliest, and complete several hundreds/ thousand pieces within 1 day. In recent years, Lok Mei has completed a large number of orders as small as 10-50 pieces, and made the price reasonable. Besides, Lok Mei Hong Kong printing team can complete hundreds of different designs in one day.  Benefited by experienced  employees, for example, 90% workers have over 10 years of experience, and most of the technical staff have over 20 years of experience, Lok Mei Hong Kong Label Printing Factory can complete more than 1 million printed marks in 1 week.