With the environmental awareness growing rapidly around the world, retailers and brands are becoming keener toward environmental friendly products associated with their brands. Lok Mei is committed to continuing to grow and improve our sustainability efforts, whilst meeting the needs of our planet and our people.

Now, Lok Mei is using the biodegradable ink, which is produced in UK and also the biodegradable printing flexo, which is produced in Japan.  We are passionate about producing safe, comfortable and eco-friendly garment trims which reinforces the brand image and confidence of the end-buyers.

On demand, we also produce your products in recycled paper,  use bio-degradable materials and water based inks. We can also use nickel free, cadmium free, lead free and phthalate free materials, which comply with the European RoHS (2002/95/CE) and American regulations. Lok Mei does not generate industry wasted water. We uses water and washing powder to clean the machine. It generated sewage water and scrap material are proved to be harmless to environment.

Since 2010, Lok Mei has started to use recycled yarns to produce label. We bought the recycled polyester yarns (RPET) from USA and Taiwan. With our effort to promote recycled yarns, some raw materials in China started their RPET yarns production and more brands can contribute to the earth protection. Since 2020, we achieved 100% RPET labels and applied about 10-30% RPET yarns in the traditional woven label.

Till now, Lok Mei can produce GRS certified recycled woven labels, polybags and paper package items. Our paper items also meet FSC standard.

Our persistence to provide the highest quality garment labels and trims can increase the image and real value of your brand!